Winter whites are one of our favourite colour palettes for the changing seasons. Neutrals and white are like pastels in summer, a way to mirror the colder season but also add brightness. The white colour palette is often associated with sophistication and luxe. By adding touches of beige, oatmeal and cream it softens it and creates a more casual boho look.

We have had a delivery from Californian brand Miou Muse supplying us with the prefect pair of neutral straight leg high waisted jeans. These can be worn perfectly with an oversized jumper or tuck in a tee for a casual look. These are a pair of jeans that will take you through the year. Alternatively the Miou Muse cream jeans would work well teamed with a pair of Emilie Kartson Glove boots.

Th winter white palette is a great way to showcase your favourite accessories. With a neutral backdrop you can really show off and wow with your favourite darker accessories. 



September 21, 2022 — harriet briant