Do you have a space that you want to revamp? Cushions could be your answer. Cushions can add colour, pattern, texture and comfort to  a tired space. You can give life to an old sofa by adding new cushions. Consider experimenting with shapes as well as size when it comes to sofas. Always  place larger cushions at the back and layer forward. The same can be said for the bedroom. If you want to add some life in to your room consider some statement cushions for the bed.  If opting for a bold pattern in the bedroom go for two larger cushions for a double bed, if you are going for a subtle palette layered cushions may work better. 

When considering cushions always stick to one theme. If you are looking to create a more bohemian look cushions can be a really easy way to achieve this. Bohemian style cushions often have lots of textures, but try to stick to a neutral colour palette. Consider some embellished or embroidered cushions these can make a similar statement to a piece of art. 

                    Le Femme Cushion  - £59 

Pheonix Cushion £59

Embroidered Cushion  £63.99





February 17, 2023 — harriet briant