Its that time of year again when we need to find fun quirky presents that are budget friendly. We have an array of presents that make the perfect gift for either. Finding small quirky gifts is a fun activity at Christmas hoping to wow the receiver with thoughtful, smile educing gifts. Secret Santa and stocking fillers are the gifts you can add a bit of your personality and quirks into. Introduce a friend to a new shop, or scent or brand. Candles and matches make great stocking fillers and secret Santa's. We have a number of festive and non festive inspired candles. Why not take a peek at our Fistral Beach range and introduce a loved one to your favourite place this Christmas time. Take a peek out our edit below for some ideas.

Inspiritus Candle - £14.99 


Gold Candle Holder - £21.99

Joy Is Now Matches - £8.50

Oatmeal Mug - £9.99

Beige Beret - £9.99

Fistral Beach Bath Salts - Starting from £8.99

December 06, 2022 — harriet briant