The warm weather is slowly coming to an end and just like fashion, home wear trends change massively as we head into the colder seasons. Lightweight materials and florals that lifted our spirits in spring and summer can start to feel out of place as the longer nights draw in.

At this time of year warm hues, plush textures and natural materials compliment the changing season. At BonBon we have a vast range of home accessories which will allow you to invite a sense of cosiness into every part of your home.

This post will give you an idea of some things that you can add into your home that will create the perfect atmosphere for you and your family as the colder weather sets in. 

Candles and reed diffusers: 

Fill your home with your favourited scented candles and reed diffusers to relax the body and mind as you unwind after a long day. These St. Eval candles and reed diffusers come in neutral. minimalistic holders to suit any kind of home decor. 

Soft furnishings:

Soft furnishings are the perfect addition to any room to create a sense of warmth and cosiness. Mixing different tones and textures allows you to bring depth into your home and can affect the overall feel. Rough textures can make your space feel rustic and intimate whereas smoother surfaces add a more sleek and modern tone to the space. Using a range of these will make your space feel inviting and homely.


Accessories in a home are just as important as accessories in an outfit! They add personality into your space and can be good conversation starters when you have visitors. Similar to soft furnishings, adding accessories to your home which are different colours, sizes, shapes and texture can really elevate the look of any room.

In autumn and winter, try adding neutral accessories, like the ones above, into your home to create a relaxed and homely atmosphere. The mix of shapes, styles and tones will make any room look more inviting.

Beach inspired decor:

 At BonBon, we have a range of beach inspired decor pieces which means you can take home a piece of Fistral Beach with you!

Our range of beach themed place mats and coasters are especially popular. With neutral tones and cork material, they will be a statement in your home all year round.

Flowers and plants:

Indoor plants and flowers are not just a summer accessory. They are perfect in the home all year round and can be especially beneficial in the colder months. 

Indoor plants and flowers help create the sense of being closer to nature and can make rooms look more spacious when placed correctly. As well as this, they allow you to add to subtle pops of colour into your rooms and can make you feel generally happier overall.

The shorter days can leave you feeling stressed and tired. Plants are natural stress relievers so they can make you feel more relaxed during the colder seasons.

All products shown in this blog post are available to buy in the BonBon store located on Fistral beach and on the BonBon website. If you would like to get your hands on anything you have seen, please pop into the store and have a look! We are also expecting to get more stock in soon, so we will be sure to keep you updated as more A/W home decor pieces come in!




August 31, 2022 — harriet briant